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EK9 Progress

I have managed to acquire a set of facelift tail lights for the EK9. They look considerably better without the orange lenses.

I had to modify the cases to fit slightly as they were from a UK spec Civic before which had brake/running light at the top, indicator and reverse in the middle behind the white area and then a single fog light on one side at the bottom. The bottom of the other [passenger] side was sealed.

EK9’s have brake/running lights above and below the white band and as such I had to cut a hole for the bulb holder to clip into, once this hole was made it was just a case of transferring the original wiring loom over to the new lights. There was a bit of fiddling around with the aftermarket fog light which is held in the cluster but overall it was quite straight forward.

I’m now waiting on a shiny new set of H badges which should be with me this week as well as a set of fully road legal 12″x6″ replacement number plates. Slightly smaller than my current JDM sized plates and most importantly without any border or slogans.

In other news I have missed out on two MX5’s this week, one locally which sounded mint but was sold by the time I managed to ring the owner and another which was an MOT fail due to rot but had a solid engine – again sold by the time I had called. Hopefully have one of these soon as a side project, I’ve got some excellent plans in store for one.


Some split rims for my EK9!

A bargain is a bargain! I wasn’t planning on spending on the car until after Christmas but these came up and I think they will look great on the ‘9. Spec:

  • 5×114.3 PCD
  • ET30
  • 16’x8′

I’m expecting a reasonably flush fit with a touch of poke. Tempted to run a tiny bit of stretch, but nothing too extreme as I don’t really like insane amounts of it!

My new split rims for my Civic EK9

My new split rims for my Civic EK9

More pictures to follow. As these wheels were second hand there are minor marks on them, I’m currently refurbishing them when I get time at the weekends. I’m hoping to get some progress shots to produce a how-to guide as I have found very little online that helps 😦

My new EK9 Civic Type R

Well I knew I wanted a new car once I had finished Uni and started working full time. The question was what! I initially wanted to stay within the VAG stable and was leaning towards a 1.8T based car such as an S3 or TT. I was pretty set in getting a TT until I started looking at the other options out there from other manufacturers.

After a couple of test drives in UKDM EP3 Civic Type R’s I was sold on VTEC 😆 . It’s also great that Honda’s are so easy to track compared to standard or lightly modified TT’s which is definitely something I want to try in the future – hopefully in spring ☺!

So, after much e-mailing and questions and pictures being exchanged I managed to set up a part exchange deal with a fellow enthusiast who clearly loved his car and I ended up with, what I now realise, is the exact car I want!

My new EK9 Civic Type R

My new EK9 Civic Type R

My new EK9 Civic Type R

My new EK9 Civic Type R

A 1997 pre-facelift Honda Civic EK9 in Championship White! Bit different from the expected and safe bet UK EP3 but in the end I gave in and just got the EK9 😆 .

Once I’d decided between EK’s and EP’s I then began to see about getting a fresh import vehicle in silver. Due to the economic situation the exchange rate is rubbish just now and as such EK’s are relatively more expensive than they used to be which meant my budget would be able to get me one, just unsure when one would come up for sale/what condition it would be in.

As I looked into all the options I came round to the Championship White paint, seeing a couple of gleaming JDM Integra’s round my way sold it to me to be honest :wub: so I began to broaden my search to include both silver AND white cars now.

One day while surfing Pistonheads I came across a beautiful ‘9 which was already privately owned in this country (imported in October 2008), looked to be in fantastic condition and had been regularly serviced including a full oil change a week before the advert went live (as well as every 3-4k since import) along with fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs and the transmission fluid being done earlier in the year. Further the cambelt and clutch had been replaced as well 5k and 6k ago respectively and she had been undersealed, as usual on import, but once again at the end of September this year. As if that wasn’t good enough two months ago she was treated to a full set of Hankook RS2 tyres ☺

The icing on the cake was the long MOT and the dyno printout showing 187bhp @ 8300rpm.


She also had a couple of modifications – green lowering springs (which I have assumed to be Tein springs with a drop of 23mm at the front and 15mm at the back) as well as a full Tanabe Super Medallion racing exhaust (complete with silencer). There is a set of gauges (water temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure) inside but I’m not sure how I feel about them yet 😆

So we arranged a date to meet to do a part exchange. After work on Friday just gone my girlfriend and I set off for Norwich from Aberdeen – staying over in Carlisle. The next day we did the rest of the journey – but what a nightmare! We hit a huge traffic jam that delayed us by over 3 hours! Once we had done the deal we had to drive straight from Norwich back to Aberdeen, we didn’t get in until after 12:30am. That meant we had done 15 and a half hours near enough straight driving on Saturday plus the 3 and a half on Friday night, all in all a 900 mile round trip!

Got her back safely though and went out for a proper look around today with my mechanic friend. He didn’t find anything to fault with it and nor did I, the bodywork is near enough mint bar a slight dent on the drivers arch and the paint condition is truly excellent. The engine levels are all fine and the oil is nice and brown! No rust anywhere, just occasional areas of built up waxoil ☺ . The interior has slight wear to the drivers bolster but the rest of the seats and mats look like they have never been used! Would never had known the car was 12 years old..

So that’s the story! Few bits to clean up, she needs a good wash but the weather has been terrible today (thus the rubbish pictures) so not had a chance yets. I also spent some time earlier with silicone lubricant on the window seals to try and prevent the electric windows from being so sluggish (common problem with these Civics) and some lubricant in the runners for the electric folding mirrors but elsewise faultless.

Changes to come soon are a new set of H badges as they are faded and I want to fit the MPH converter as the car still reads in km/h and has the limiter! After that I fancy some coilovers and some lovely new wheels :wub:

And I got well over 40mpg on the way home (I think) ☺

Hope you all enjoy, I’ll get decent pictures when the weather is less rubbish.


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