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Some split rims for my EK9!

A bargain is a bargain! I wasn’t planning on spending on the car until after Christmas but these came up and I think they will look great on the ‘9. Spec:

  • 5×114.3 PCD
  • ET30
  • 16’x8′

I’m expecting a reasonably flush fit with a touch of poke. Tempted to run a tiny bit of stretch, but nothing too extreme as I don’t really like insane amounts of it!

My new split rims for my Civic EK9

My new split rims for my Civic EK9

More pictures to follow. As these wheels were second hand there are minor marks on them, I’m currently refurbishing them when I get time at the weekends. I’m hoping to get some progress shots to produce a how-to guide as I have found very little online that helps 😦



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