Hello, I am Wayne.

I am 22 and I have graduated from University and will shortly be working as a chartered accountant for a very large firm which should be fun. I enjoy photography and as such I will be using this site to post a lot of the pictures I have taken which I feel are worthy for publication.

I also like everything to do with technology, from HDTV’s to the latest Playstation games. I have been making websites (and am fluent in html and basic php as a result of such) for almost ten years on and off and have decided to take up residence here on wordpress.com servers for sake of ease, safety and speed.

WordPress is great, you should try it. You should also check out my other blog of funny motivational posters, they amuse me greatly.

Any queries, just ask.




This is my blog.

I'll mostly be posting pictures I have taken while out and about. I'll add articles and tutorials on interesting things as and when I can.

I hope you like.


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