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Be your own competitor: A case study based on the ipod

I found this excellent article on why being your own toughest competitor can lead to a winning product – a case study using the Apple Ipod. Worth a read. An extract:

“…what distinguishes Apple’s approach to the iPod is the frenzied pace of innovation and the size of the risks they took. In contrast, Compaq, Creative, and Archos were tentative in their steps to make their products better and more appealing to customers. They competed with each other, rather than with themselves, and thus none of them were ever pushed to radically innovate.”

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Losing interest in the BP oil spill?

“We’re losing interest in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill just a few weeks after it became a big media topic — and long before we’ve even made a dent in cleaning up after this mess — if Internet search and discussion trends are to be believed.”

Full story here on Mashable.

Back from ICAS

I’m not dead. I have spent the previous eight weeks doing a very intensive ICAS (an accounts qualification board) training course. It was pretty tough and I’ve not got the results yet but I’m hoping for a pass.

Website wise I’m trying to change the layout around a bit and will try and update on a more regular basis (note I said TRY 🙂 ). Be warned that I have another six weeks of ICAS coming up at the end of July, yuck.


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