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EK9 Progress

I have managed to acquire a set of facelift tail lights for the EK9. They look considerably better without the orange lenses.

I had to modify the cases to fit slightly as they were from a UK spec Civic before which had brake/running light at the top, indicator and reverse in the middle behind the white area and then a single fog light on one side at the bottom. The bottom of the other [passenger] side was sealed.

EK9’s have brake/running lights above and below the white band and as such I had to cut a hole for the bulb holder to clip into, once this hole was made it was just a case of transferring the original wiring loom over to the new lights. There was a bit of fiddling around with the aftermarket fog light which is held in the cluster but overall it was quite straight forward.

I’m now waiting on a shiny new set of H badges which should be with me this week as well as a set of fully road legal 12″x6″ replacement number plates. Slightly smaller than my current JDM sized plates and most importantly without any border or slogans.

In other news I have missed out on two MX5’s this week, one locally which sounded mint but was sold by the time I managed to ring the owner and another which was an MOT fail due to rot but had a solid engine – again sold by the time I had called. Hopefully have one of these soon as a side project, I’ve got some excellent plans in store for one.



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