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My first post in a while!

I’ve recently made my own home gym in the garage.  I focused on buying bits and pieces off of ebay and Gumtree to put it together cheaply which was my primary aim. It’s useful to set up a bookmark to jump straight to your search criteria (i.e. I wanted to view all gym equipment within a 30 mile radius of my house).

Where I wasn’t able to buy used, I had to buy brand new. For example I bought a new bench for bench pressing and incline pressing. There were a range of second hand ones but all had a barbell stand built in and were of really poor quality with a weight capacity of only c.200kg. This includes my weight, so it wouldn’t take long to get near the top end of capacity which is not a nice idea! I bought a brand new one off the internet and it arrived pretty quickly.

I’ve actually started a new blog dedicated to gym equipment here.

On top of the bench I acquired not one but two power racks! These were both pretty cheap, one brand new and the other second hand. I got the new one first but then the other one came up so I had to have it 🙂 I ended up selling the new one at a slight loss and kept the second hand one which was very cheap!

Overall I’m pretty pleased with the outcome as I can now lift weights in my garage with no hassle or commute which is awesome. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

I’m still on the lookout for new stuff, I want some adjustable dumbbells and maybe a couple of weight stands too to get the plates off the ground. I’ve got some wood lying around so maybe I’ll build my own… See how that goes!


Be your own competitor: A case study based on the ipod

I found this excellent article on why being your own toughest competitor can lead to a winning product – a case study using the Apple Ipod. Worth a read. An extract:

“…what distinguishes Apple’s approach to the iPod is the frenzied pace of innovation and the size of the risks they took. In contrast, Compaq, Creative, and Archos were tentative in their steps to make their products better and more appealing to customers. They competed with each other, rather than with themselves, and thus none of them were ever pushed to radically innovate.”

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Losing interest in the BP oil spill?

“We’re losing interest in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill just a few weeks after it became a big media topic — and long before we’ve even made a dent in cleaning up after this mess — if Internet search and discussion trends are to be believed.”

Full story here on Mashable.

Back from ICAS

I’m not dead. I have spent the previous eight weeks doing a very intensive ICAS (an accounts qualification board) training course. It was pretty tough and I’ve not got the results yet but I’m hoping for a pass.

Website wise I’m trying to change the layout around a bit and will try and update on a more regular basis (note I said TRY 🙂 ). Be warned that I have another six weeks of ICAS coming up at the end of July, yuck.

EK9 Progress

I have managed to acquire a set of facelift tail lights for the EK9. They look considerably better without the orange lenses.

I had to modify the cases to fit slightly as they were from a UK spec Civic before which had brake/running light at the top, indicator and reverse in the middle behind the white area and then a single fog light on one side at the bottom. The bottom of the other [passenger] side was sealed.

EK9’s have brake/running lights above and below the white band and as such I had to cut a hole for the bulb holder to clip into, once this hole was made it was just a case of transferring the original wiring loom over to the new lights. There was a bit of fiddling around with the aftermarket fog light which is held in the cluster but overall it was quite straight forward.

I’m now waiting on a shiny new set of H badges which should be with me this week as well as a set of fully road legal 12″x6″ replacement number plates. Slightly smaller than my current JDM sized plates and most importantly without any border or slogans.

In other news I have missed out on two MX5’s this week, one locally which sounded mint but was sold by the time I managed to ring the owner and another which was an MOT fail due to rot but had a solid engine – again sold by the time I had called. Hopefully have one of these soon as a side project, I’ve got some excellent plans in store for one.

Changes on the horizon

Just a quick post to say I am working on a few significant changes to this site. Hopefully, time permitting, I will be able to implement them within the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned!

Some split rims for my EK9!

A bargain is a bargain! I wasn’t planning on spending on the car until after Christmas but these came up and I think they will look great on the ‘9. Spec:

  • 5×114.3 PCD
  • ET30
  • 16’x8′

I’m expecting a reasonably flush fit with a touch of poke. Tempted to run a tiny bit of stretch, but nothing too extreme as I don’t really like insane amounts of it!

My new split rims for my Civic EK9

My new split rims for my Civic EK9

More pictures to follow. As these wheels were second hand there are minor marks on them, I’m currently refurbishing them when I get time at the weekends. I’m hoping to get some progress shots to produce a how-to guide as I have found very little online that helps 😦


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